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grizzly bear old dog goggling pig duck white sheep gawking pig spotted pig brown cow grey hare needle felted dog lying down needle felted owl tiny hare that pig tiny pig sheep sitting hare white pig brown needle felted sheep round pig fat bear unknown needle felted animal sleeping cow small elephant white sheep the elk white hen spotted goat hairy pig dog pulling cart needle felted elk needle felted sheep needle felted sheep round yellow pig small sheep young bear fat deer huge bear ram white bird shapely sheep small bull grey felted dog running fox white goat spotted owl smiling dog white fox ram pig with blue eyes spotted needle felted bird spotted hen felted sheep pig family black hen needle felted sheep pooping dog fat brown pig the goose sheep grey spotted pig wolf with his prey white hare spotted goat tiny pig family mutts young pig rabbit family red spotted pig small needle felted cow needle felted sheep sun fox grey pig pig with her piglet red pig elephant dog harassing bear fox-cat brown pig sleeping cat tiny rabbit grey needle felted boar needle felted gnu needle felted sheep family dog brown bear bearded pig wild boar fox with a bird needle felted sheep needle felted grey pig sitting down winter rabbit needle felted sheep small needle felted bear clever pig goat needle felted sheep hooded crow spotted fawn fat grey pig small needle felted elephant white bird pregnant wolf yellow pig pregnant dog grey dog strange hare woodcock brown sheep felted sheep old boar manul needle felted sheep deer and fawn hedgehog the scoundrel white lamb dog sheep & lamb felted sheep strange animal small donkey pig circus elephant squirrel pig family small hairy pig old boar black pig bulky elephant white needle felted pig strange pig arctic fox delicate hare spotted bird needle felted hare white pig needle felted sheep